All our investment strategies begin with an in-depth understanding of who our clients are and what they want to achieve. Our philosophy then guides us on the subsequent journey.

We take an active long-term approach that combines top-down macro insights from economic data and bottom-up analysis of markets and individual stocks. We are not biased towards value or growth strategies unless market conditions suggest that we can achieve better risk-adjusted returns by moving one way or the other.

Discipline and Flexibility

At the heart of our philosophy is our value investing discipline, but we are also flexible, able to move between styles, market caps and different areas of the world as necessary. We believe that markets are smart, but even smart investors make poor decisions in a climate of uncertainty, fear or capitulation. When this happens, opportunities arise and pricing anomalies occur – and through hard work and asking the right questions, we can potentially achieve attractive returns. Experience tells us that with diligent research and an inquiring approach, we are able to select superior assets over the long term.

In terms of research, our in-house team uses a wide range of data sets from global analysts, government bodies, global institutes, and organisations such as the International Monetary Fund, the Bank for International Settlements and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Although we will take tactical decisions in the medium term to take advantage of tailwinds – or to avoid risks – it is our thorough research, our ability to ask the right questions, and our skill in selecting apparently under-priced assets and geographies that remain at the core of our work.

Working Hard For Our Clients

Any investment philosophy must always be tested against performance and ours has served our clients well. It gives us confidence in the quality of assets we hold and allows us to buy assets as and when markets sell off. It also helps reduce portfolio turnover and, in turn, cuts the trading costs that can hamper performance.

We also recognise the value of cash as a strategic asset – a useful, liquid store of capital that has its own important role to play.

Our clients understand that unless we can find sufficient assets of superior quality at the right price, not every penny needs to be fully invested at all times.

Sometimes we allow cash holdings to grow, because time and again, we have found that forgoing a little opportunity cost as asset prices over-heat is the precursor to earning our reward. We, and our clients, simply need to be patient.