We work with a wide range of clients, from private individuals through to corporations, charities and intermediaries. No matter who they are, all benefit from the insights and expertise of a team with almost 100 years of combined investment experience.

Private Clients

By building a close and collaborative relationship with our private clients and their professional advisers, we create and manage portfolios that are designed to deliver on their goals. Markets can be turbulent and outlooks uncertain, but our long-term investment philosophy enables us to manage wealth – in trusts, pensions, or direct accounts – across generations


Every business is different. Each has its own challenges and triumphs that inform everything from its everyday operations to its future goals. We understand that when our business clients have built up long-term reserves they want to get a return on them, so we build investment solutions for them. With our own in-house research and investment teams, we help businesses maintain and grow their reserves.


The charity sector has specific needs, something we are well aware of thanks to our ongoing investment work with a number of charities. Funding charitable activities is a key concern, so we help charities grow and maintain their accumulated donations and reserves. We also understand the importance of balancing risk with the need to deliver long-term returns.


As well as working closely with individuals and organisations, we also collaborate with professional intermediaries including independent financial advisers, solicitors and accountants. In these cases, our commitment to building strong relationships is as firm as ever, enabling us to help them and their clients achieve the goals they are aiming for.