Understanding our clients is the first step on the investment journey, but it is our expertise and agility that shape the way we approach the markets.

We have around 100 years of combined investment experience, and because we are a small team we can come together, discuss events as they develop, and quickly take on board all the insights of our in-house and external research partners.

In practice, our strategic medium-to-longer-term allocation is based on in-house research covering areas such as demographics, macroeconomic conditions, and government and fiscal policy.

This is complemented by a tactical approach that targets areas where we expect to see positive returns within 12-18 months.

Our investment philosophy is unique to us, being based on the skills and experience of our expert team. Many elements may be familiar, as we believe tried and trusted approaches are always essential.

But we are also independent, experienced and continue to adapt our approach to maintain an up-to-date investment outlook fit for the 21st century.